50 years of innovating & manufacturing stuffed pasta

Capri Ravioli is a family business that has been existing for over 50 years.

Our products are distributed across Canada to the major retail stores, wholesale distributors and food institutions.

The significant success of CAPRI RAVIOLI is due to the outstanding quality of our raw materials. For instance, using 100% Canadian durum semolina in the preparation of our pasta. No coloring or preservatives are added to our products.

Operating under a HACCP / Federal certification CAPRI RAVIOLI takes great pride in offering “all natural" fresh frozen products like tortellini, ravioli, cannelloni, etc. Serving CAPRI RAVIOLI pasta to your family is choosing to offer a quality product with an Italian tradition at its best.

Fresh Ravioli Pastas


Available with meat or cheese stuffing

Fresh Tortolini Pastas


Available with meat or cheese stuffing

Fresh Mannicotti Pastas


Available with cheese stuffing

Fresh Cannelloni Pastas


Available with meat stuffing

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